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Kallangur Family Medical Practice is a premium accredited family medical centre located in Lillybrook Shopping Precinct. Our very able, ethical and experienced doctors have same day appointments available to ensure you stay healthy. As a family practice, we provide care for patients of all ages using diagnostic methods involving patient symptoms and family history. To achieve this, we host a range of practitioners with different experience and interests, to help you form a long-term patient doctor relationship to provide you the support you need, when you need it.

At the Kallangur Family Practice, we offer appointments Monday through Friday, and on Sundays. We welcome all patients, however work on ensuring patients with an appointment are seen first. Our core principals are service, empathy and respect to all patients. In adhering to these principals, we put our patients first from the first point of contact. The medical centre is family owned and operated, and we manage the business as an inclusive and respectful environment. Each of our staff members and doctors are at different stages of building his or her own family, allowing you the opportunity to find a practitioner who understands you and can work with you and your own family.

The doctors at Kallangur Family Medical Practice are autonomous in their treatment of you as a patient. As a family owned practice, there is no corporate push for expensive or invasive treatments, and you can rest assured that the doctor’s best judgement is based on their own best judgement. Furthering this, as a practice we aim to support our doctors in their special interests within general practice, to ensure a positive environment for doctors, in turn improving the environment for you and our patients.

With a wide range of experiences, the doctors at Kallangur Family Medical Practice can support you and your family to the best of their ability. Our doctors provide support for children’s, men’s and women’s health and general wellbeing, Family Planning, chronic disease management and care plans, minor procedures in a clean and equipped procedure room, vaccinations and travel medicine. As a medical centre in lillybrook shopping centre, we are also close to amenities such as the United Chemist at Lillybrook, the Lillybrook coles, the fantastic Anytime Fitness centre and gym, and we also host Sullivan and Nicolaides pathology on-site.


Kallangur Family practice is a Bulk Billing medical Centre. All doctor consultations covered by medicare are bulk billed when patients ensure that they have their medicare card available, and have their demographics and details up to date.

Consultations related to workplace injury are privately billed at the time of consultation/appointment. Any payments as agreed to by medicare or your employer should be refunded directly to you.